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Get to know the world with Language Project!

Language school Ragusa

Every difficulty generates changes, use the technology to unite and not to isolate yourself !!!! OPEN YOUR MIND !!!

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Mission and Vision

Language Project, a language school in Ragusa, offers a high-level educational offer. Our mission is to satisfy every customer's need, expanding their linguistic knowledge through personalized training courses strongly oriented towards innovation, growth, the creation of values and competitiveness.
Our methodological approach leverages didactic technology, intended as a useful tool for communication and knowledge, in an era increasingly oriented towards globalization. In fact, thought is universal, only the way of expressing it changes. Any language can be taught and learned.


Courses for everyone

Learn to communicate with the world! Today knowing how to speak a second language is no longer just an optional, but a real need to be able to face the future successfully, at any age. With our language courses open to all, you can reach your goals, increase your language skills and enrich your cultural background! 


Language certifications

Value your language skills with Language Project! Obtain the certification with international value that certifies your level of knowledge and officially identifies your skills in the use of the language.
Furthermore, the linguistic certification enriches your curriculum and favors the inclusion in the world of work!


Do you want to study English while having fun?

​Book a full immersion week in a fantastic place! Our language school in Ragusa organizes all-inclusive study holidays for adults and children with individual and group departures.


Italian for foreigners

Evaluate your language level!

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