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Study holidays abroad

Study Trips

​Language Project offers you the opportunity to study English while having fun. If you want to invest in the future of your children, book one of our study holidays abroad now: an all-inclusive full immersion experience in the most important international schools!
There are individual and group departures for both children and adults. 



This is a study holiday for groups of children from 8 to 10 years. Language Project rents a private villa with swimming pool. In addition to the language course, there are games, excursions and other afternoon activities, all carried out entirely in English thanks to the presence of a mother tongue teacher. Teacher and tutor assist up to 10 children per group 24 hours a day. 

North West Academy
of English

Language Project collaborates with North West, the largest English school in Northern Ireland, accredited by the British Council. The Campus, accessible all year round, are structured in perfect Anglo-Saxon style to stimulate language learning and bring students as close as possible to the local culture. If you want to learn English and at the same time discover a land rich in history and nature, book your study holiday in Ireland now!


Nacel English School

Partner of our school, Nacel is an accredited center by the British Council and Cambridge University and is located in the residential Finchlay Central district of London. The formulas are General English, One to One, Language Exam, Junior, Teacher Training Refresher and Extra Curricular. Students can stay in a homestay or residence and have the opportunity to take the exams for the achievement of international certifications.

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